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Best Animals to Keep as Pets in 2024

Most people tend to opt for a dog whenever they consider keeping a pet. It is the most popular choice but not everyone is a dog person. Centuries ago domesticated animals were used for purposes like food and protection. Now those animals, some of them have become our companions over time. 

If you are also here because you are wondering about what animals are best to keep as pets then you have come to the right place. In this article we have mentioned are top picks that you can consider as your pets. However, keep in mind that every pet needs regular care and attention.  

  1. Betta Fish

A fish is one of the best low-maintenance pets. Besides daily feedings and tank cleaning, they don’t need much hands-on care. Betta fish consist of long, colorful fins, and have the look of an exotic pet. These are available at most pet stores and eat pellet food. The myth that they must live alone is wrong. To make it clear, putting two male betta fish together is never a good idea. However, pairing a betta fish with other aquatic animals or trying pairing two female betta fish might be a good option.

  1. Cat

Cats are the second most found pet around the world after dogs. Cats are found to be affectionate animals. It is a good pet for people who do not mind cleaning the litter box daily. However, cats show good conduct and adorable behaviors such as purring, kneading, etc. Anyone who wants to have a cat as a pet must keep in mind that the cats must be kept indoors to avoid this animal’s wild population growth. Moreover, indoor cats live longer than their outdoor counterparts. Cats are also quick learners and tend to enjoy puzzle games just like dogs.

  1. Dog

The most popular choice worldwide. Dogs are considered the best pets for many reasons. They are famous for their intelligence, loyalty, and affection and are considered to be low-maintenance animals. Dogs and pets are usually considered to be affectionate animals, therefore, you will have to spend quality time with them regularly to ensure their well-being. 

Dogs are usually not threatening when kept under care but they tend to growl, bark, or even sometimes bite in the worst-case scenario. This creature requires regular care, attention, and training to adapt well to our human world. However, dogs may become allergenic sometimes, to avoid such a situation australian labradoodle puppies are your best choice. 

  1. Rabbit

Thousands of years ago, rabbits were domesticated as they weaved for food. Nowadays they are, besides being used for food, also used as pets. They make great pets. However, they need proper care and attention. They are high maintenance. Rabbits kept indoors tend to live almost twice as long as those who are kept outdoors in cages. 

This creature is a social animal and must be treated as a part of the family. The most struggling part regarding these fluffy creatures is resisting the urge to hold them although they love being greeted by their owners and some also avoid snuggling.

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