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What Is Rock N Roll Sushi?

Rock n Roll Sushi is a sushi franchise that was started in Mobile, Alabama, about ten years ago. This chain fuses rock music with sushi to create an exciting new dining experience. The chain now has more than 50 locations throughout the southern United States. It also has two locations in the Memphis area. Owner Phillip McClellan also has a restaurant in Nashville.

Menu items

The menu at Rock n Roll Sushi is packed with spicy, amped-up flavors. In addition to their signature rolls, they also serve several house specialties. The VIP Roll, for example, is filled with shrimp tempura, crab stick, cream cheese, and eel sauce. To add an even greater kick, these rolls are often baked or fried.

The menu features an extensive selection of sushi, and is broken into five sections: Opening Acts, Classics, Headliners, and Kids Rock. The restaurants also serve craft beer and cocktail specialties. The restaurant’s atmosphere is classic rock-themed, complete with guitar-shaped bar seating.


Rock N Roll Sushi opened its first location in Mobile, Alabama, in 2010. Since then, they’ve grown to 50 locations across eight states. Their menu features a variety of sushi and other Japanese specialties. They also serve an array of classic rock and roll favorites. They’re known for their rock ‘n’ roll decor and menu titles.

In addition to the Mobile location, Rock N Roll Sushi also has six locations in the southern United States. The company has a second location in Warner Robins, while a third is under construction in Bonaire. Both of these locations are located in shopping malls. The new Bonaire location will share the space with another restaurant, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. However, there’s a chance that Rock N Roll will be the sole tenant of the space.


The Rock N Roll Sushi franchise is a fast-growing chain of sushi catering restaurants. It was founded 12 years ago in Mobile, Alabama, by Lance and Gerri Mach Hallmark. The company now has more than 50 locations throughout the Southeast and recently signed a deal to expand into the Western United States.

In order to open a Rock N Roll Sushi restaurant, you will need a $150,000 liquid investment. The business can be a lucrative business. A Rock n Roll Sushi restaurant can provide you with a good income if you open and run it a successful business.

Amped-up flavors

In a few weeks, a new sushi restaurant is opening in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, featuring rock-themed decor and signature items like the KISS Roll. The new restaurant will be located at 36 Dexter Avenue in a former Belk department store building that is now a loft apartment complex. Founded in 2010, Rock n Roll Sushi is the brainchild of Alabama natives Lance Hallmark and Gerry Mach. It currently operates more than a dozen locations in the state of Alabama and Mississippi.

Rock n Roll Sushi is known for its amped-up flavors. Most of the rolls are spicy and there are many house specialties to try. The Rock n Roll Sushi VIP Roll is a popular choice, featuring shrimp tempura, crab stick, cream cheese, and eel sauce. The roll is available fried or baked.

Locations in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Sushi Rock Café is a unique American-style sushi restaurant founded on great food, rock ‘n’ roll music, and bold flavors. It is a great place to share great sushi with friends and family. Whether you are looking for a casual dining experience or a sophisticated evening out with your sweetheart, the Sushi Rock Cafe is the perfect choice.

The restaurant is known for its spicy rolls. The VIP Roll, for example, is made with shrimp tempura and crab stick and topped with spicy mayo. Other specialties include baked krabmeat and cream cheese. The sushi is available in baked or fried versions.

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